Is a prenuptial agreement “ironclad?”

In short, no.  No prenuptial agreement or any contract for that matter is ironclad.  Ironclad is a word that people throw around in movies or in television because it adds drama and comes off very well on screen.  In real life, there aren’t many things that are certain or guaranteed.  In these United States of America, anyone can sue anyone for anything.  A prenuptial agreement that’s supposedly “ironclad” can be challenged no matter what.

Does that mean that you shouldn’t even bother with a prenuptial agreement?  No.  It means that the two attorneys working for the couple in the case must be very careful and explain the process that’s involved and what the courts generally look at when a prenuptial agreement is challenged.  If the attorneys do their jobs, then a prenup that’s drafted in accordance with known laws will be as safe and enforceable as it can be under the circumstances.

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