How long should a prenuptial agreement be?

If you haven’t gotten a prenup drafted yet, you might be asking “How long should a prenuptial agreement be?”  If you already had one drafted and you’re waiting to execute it, then you might be asking “Why is my prenup so long?”

On average, the shortest prenup I draft will be around 20 pages, give or take.  The reason why it’s so long is simple – it has to be legally binding.

Think about it in another context.  When you buy a house, why are closing documents so long?  Why don’t you simply say in one piece of paper that you’re accepting a house from someone, and on a second piece of paper that you own the bank x amount of money?  But we all know that’s not how it works.  There are a lot of disclosures and details that needs to be flushed out in a real estate closing.  Now, that’s just 1 house – 1 asset.  In a prenuptial agreement, we are considering ALL the assets of BOTH the future husband the wife.  Why then, would a prenuptial agreement be any shorter than real estate closing documents for a single house?

I hope that puts it all in context as to why prenuptial agreements must be so lengthy.

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